Friday, August 30, 2002

I get the sense that no one really cares right now whether or not baseball strikes. Most people I talk to are very indifferent to it. Actually, quite a few people I talk to actually are hoping a strike happens. I am undecided on what I want to happen. My hopes for a strike would only be because I have no desire to see the Red Sox again this year. But I am not sure about the repercussions a strike would have in future years. I know that my disdain for the Sox is not a good reason to want a strike.

With no sports of any real consequence happening until next Monday night, I'm going to take advantage of the next week or so to look more closely at this site and some things I can do to improve it. I apologize for not posting much this week, but my 'real job' has kept me pretty busy. I appreciate your comments and suggestions so keep them coming.

Just a few links for today..... Shaughnessy has a pretty decent article that sums up most fans feelings toward baseball right now.

Also, there are quite a few articles about the Pats, including one about how Belichick stopped the Rams on that glorious February night. You can also read about teams plans to stop Brady this year and a closer look at the Pats Super Bowl game plan.

Tuesday, August 27, 2002

ESPN is reporting that it was mostly Jamal Anderson's decision not to sign with the Patriots. He is evidently still concerned about his knee. I don't know if I could have dealt with watching him do the 'dirty bird' after TD's anyway.

In another snub to the Patriots, ESPN had their so called 'experts' pick who the NFL's best coach is. Not one of them picked Belichick. Jeff Fisher actually made the list but Belichick didn't? Give me a break. John Madden calls Belichick a 'gym rat coach'.
Len Pasquarelli also talks about the leadership that Drew Bledsoe is bringing to the Bills.
Bill Simmons picks Hoosiers as his favorite movie.
Yes, it was a really big win for the Sox. No, I am not convinced that this is going to snap them out of their funk. I think that whatever is ailing them is a lot deeper than being able to be fixed in one game. I actually watched the whole game last night. I was pretty frustrated but I stuck it out. It's always been a pet peeve of mine when people leave the game early or turn the TV off. It's that whole fair-weather fan thing. But the way this Sox team is, you almost get a mulligan right now if you do that. I've done it myself a few times in the past few weeks. For some reason, though, last night I decided to keep it on. (just as a reference, I NEVER EVER turn off Celtics games. I'll sit through a 40-point loss if I have to but I watch every C's game from start to finish.)

Not to look to the bad side of things, but Cliff Floyd continues to fail in the clutch. Don't tell me that his 9th inning at bat was clutch because there was no pressure on him at the time. I forget where I read it, but his average with runners in scoring position since coming over to the Sox is something like .150. He has still not driven in anyone but himself. I just don't think the guy is a clutch hitter. I hope he proves me wrong.

The other thing that has been annoying me, (don't mind me... i'm on a roll here), is that stupid little hand slap thing that Bob Rogers and Jim Corsi do at the beginning of their show after a Sox win. It's almost like a high five but they only use their index and middle fingers. Excuse the crudeness of this next comment, but it makes them look like two of the biggest sissies around. At what point did they get together and decide that that would be their signature thing? It needs to go very quickly.

And Rogers needs to learn how to do an interview. For all the talk about Tony Clark joining their show last night, neither Rogers nor Corsi asked any tough questions. Rogers tried to, but he was so afraid to ask them that every time he prefaced the question by saying, "I'm sorry to do this Tony, but I have to ask a tough question". Then he would ask something like 'is the labor situation affecting your play?' If your going to ask a tough question then ask them how they feel about all the vendors at all the major league ballparks that are going to be out of work because of them.

At some point I'll go more in depth about that Extra Innings show because it deserves it's own rambling. That and Sportsdesk are quite possibly the two worst sports shows to ever be on television. I wonder about the people that call in and say they are doing a great job. Maybe they are being held hostage and are forced to make the call.

Anyways, still 7 and 3 out, respectively. All the win did was delay the inevitable, in my opinion. If they can win these 2 against NYY, then maybe there will be a flicker of hope. It's all up to you now, Casey Fossum. This is the biggest start of your career. Lets see what you are made of.