Friday, November 01, 2002

I've been a Celtic fan my whole life. I'm not as old as some to remember the 60's and 70's Celtic teams. I remember the teams of the 80's. I am a true fan, not a bandwagon fan. I give my all to the team. No offense to those who turn off games where they are getting blown out, but I never turn off games. I watch each and every one from start to finish. Even last nights, right down to the 'love fest' interview with Jordan afterwards. I feel like watching all the bad times will make the good times more enjoyable. It has been very hard to watch this team for the past decade. But I wanted to stick it out. I have probably watched every game but 6 or 7 a year over the last 10 years. I watched friend after friend abandon ship and stop following the team as they continued to get worse until I was down to only one that still faithfully watched games.

So last year felt great. Even though they were winning unconventionally, they were winning again. It felt good. It felt like they were on the way up again. Then Paul Gaston screwed us. I don't want to call him the most despicable human being because there are some bad ones out there, (Bin Laden, Saddam, Castro), but I will say that I think he is the most despicable person in the world of sports. Because of his own selfish greed, he tore the team apart. He saw a chance to make some money and he went for it at the expense of the entire Celtic Fan base. Most people try and make as much money as possible, but it has been stated that it should be different when it comes to owning a sports team. It's not like Gaston would have been in the poor house without the extra money. He simply did it out of greed. I think I may dislike him as much as any other person on this earth.

Even still, why did Celtic management make the moves they did? We know they weren't allowed to sign Rodney. But did Gaston hold a gun to Wallace's and Obrien's heads and force them to trade for Baker? I don't think so. They have said it was the only trade they could make. If that's the case, weren't they better off making no trade at all? Some say, 'but then you'd lose Kenny's salary slot'. At this point, I don't see how that would have made them worse than they are now. Maybe it would have been better to just let his contract run out. I have stated on this site that not only was the Baker trade the worst in Celtic history, but that it might be the worst in NBA history. I stand by that statement.

What about some of the other guys that have been signed? Sundov? I was made sick watching him fire three's with reckless abandon last night. Bremer? Maybe the worst shooter I have ever seen. I've seen him twice in person now and I have no idea how he made this team. Wolkowyski? Vitaly, oh Vitaly, where have you gone?

The team has taken as big a jump backwards this year as they took forwards last year. Unfortunately, I think we are stuck for a while. There is no way that anyone on the coaching or management staff will be fired during the year. Make no mistake though... O'brien, Wallace, and Papile need to go. They haven't a clue. More and more I am beginning to believe that the success last year was mostly attributed a fresh year without Pitino, and some other things falling into place. This group butchers drafts, has no idea how to teach rookies, and has no clue how to teach offense. This team has no discipline, no rebounding, no offense, and apparently no defense. I don't know enough about the assistant coaches to know if any of them should be kept around. Harter is the only one that I feel should stay. Maybe a horrible year will convince the new owners that they all need to be fired. Even after that, we have 3-4 years before anything can be done to remedy the situation. It's 1997 all over again, and we need someone to come in and clean house. This time it needs to be someone who knows what they are doing.

I waited 10 years for a good team and finally got it. Now it has been ripped out from under me. I don't know if I have it in me to wait through another 3 or 4 losing seasons. Last night felt all too familiar. I don't want to go through that again. Pierce's and Walker's primes are being wasted. I will always bleed green, but right now I feel wounded and I don't know if I can recover.

Monday, October 28, 2002

The Celtics looked a bit better on Friday against the Wizards than they have looked the rest of the pre-season. I had pretty decent seats and was able to get a good look at the action. I arrived at the FleetCenter around 6:45. Around 7:20 I was walking around the concourse and was surprised to see Vin Baker out there. He had a couple security guys around him and looked as if he was looking for someone. Maybe he was lost himself. Maybe he was looking for a friend or family member to show them to their seat. Whatever the case, it struck me that he should have been preparing for the game instead. It just seems someone in his position should not be wandering around 10 minutes before tipoff.

I still feel the same about the Celtics for this upcoming year. I think they will do well against the lower echelon teams but will struggle to beat anyone good. They may win a game here or there against a good team, and may squeak into the playoffs, but they won't go far. Thanks again Gaston.

As for the Patriots, who knows what to say? I'm not providing links because frankly I don't feel like reading all the negativity myself. I am still in the camp that thinks they can make a run. You don't win championships by accident. I really believe they became very confident after the first two games. They were still underdogs. No one was picking them. They thrive under those circumstances. Everyone on Sports Final already said they have zero chance to beat the Bills. Anyone think they'll be favored against the Raiders? So maybe they are getting back into the types of situations where they can succeed. At least I hope that's the case. If the Pats keep on losing, and the C's struggle as I think they might, I may have to start watching hockey again just to see what it is like to watch a winning team. I hoped things would never get back to that point, but who knows?

(That's not a shot at the Bruins either. I am thrilled to see them start well, especially when not many people picked them to do so. It's just that of the 4 major sports, hockey comes 4th for me. It takes a lot for me to watch hockey.)

Doesn't Rick Fox need to get a lengthy suspension? It's one thing to get in a fight in the heat of a moment, but then to wait to attack the same guy again is totally different. In a court setting, going back to the scene of the crime helps a prosecutor use the pre-meditated thing against a defendant. Well wasn't what Fox did pre-meditated then? It was a cowardly thing what Fox did, and the NBA needs to do something about it. I doubt it will though due to David Stern's love affair with the Lakers.

ESPN Page2 has put together 10 reasons why the Expo's would be better for Boston than the Red Sox are. Kind of weak but I linked it anyways.

Page2 also wonders if Tara Reid is to blame for Tom Brady's slump. Am I the only one who though of "The Natural" as soon as I first heard about Brady and Reid? Unfortunately, it does not appear as though Brady is getting back on track as Redford did.

Congratulations to the Angels. I told a friend of mine back in July that the Angels were the least of the Sox concerns as to who they would battle for a playoff spot. Shows how smart I am.