Friday, November 08, 2002

Theres a couple notes of interest in the papers today. Shaq and Kobe did some interesting interviews. First, it's good to see visiting teams starting to recognize the Celtic Mystique again. Take a look at this quote from Kobe in Steve Bulpett's article:

``I told Paul Pierce it was like the old days - Larry and Magic,'' he said. ``It felt good. It was just one of those battles. It felt good to be a part of that. That damn leprechaun is still walking around the rafters I guess.''

I love that! It's good to see teams thinking in that way again. It used to be when a visiting team came in, if a few things started going wrong for them, they would get that "here we go again" attitude. It would be great to see the C's get that back. To get teams thinking about leprechaun's and Red. It's just good to see that creeping back in.

Anyone living up in the great state of Maine needs to look out!! Shaq is on the way! Jackie MacMullan has a great piece with Shaq in today's Globe. Shaq talks about retirement and the things he wants to do then. Included is this piece about his real estate ventures:

"In the meantime, he continues to buy low-income properties, fix them up, help revitalize the community, then turn them around for a hefty profit. He has done this in Colorado, Georgia, and New York, and is researching a new business venture in Maine."

Wow! Shaq in Maine?!? Imagine the Big Fella hanging out at Hussey's General Store on a Saturday morning? Shooting the breeze with the guys at the local dump while dropping off his trash? The possibilities are endless. Of course, Shaq does not want to move to Maine. He is only interested in the money he can get from the properties. Even still, I found it interesting that of every place that Shaq could be buying properties, he is looking in Maine.

As for the game itself, the C's looked better than they have at any point this year. The Lake Show is probably the first quality opponent they have faced, even without Shaq. They still have a way's to go, but it was the first game that instilled some kind of confidence in me, even though Vin Baker is still completely useless.

Dan Shaughnessy is at it again. He claims that Zito rightfully won the Cy Young Award. I have no problem with Zito winning because he had a great year. I fell that Pedro had a better year and should have won but it's not like the award went to some bum instead. My problem is Shaughnessy's reasoning on the matter. He claims that Pedro did not win the award because he did not make his final start. That is a foolish claim. Some quotes from Danno, with my comments following:

"The Sox still had seven games left when Pedro won his 20th and announced, ''This is it ... I don't have anything else to prove. I'm done. I'm not running. I'm not doing anything. I'm not going to take a chance of getting hurt in my next outing.''
Those comments came three days before the Red Sox were mathematically eliminated from the playoffs."

** The problem with that is that everyone knew that the Sox were out of it with 7 games left. Not mathematically, but the Angels would basically have needed to lose every game while the Sox won every game. The Angels did lose quite a few there at the end which made it look closer than it was, and at that time Pedro said that if the Sox were still in it when his turn came up, that he would pitch.

"After Zito won his 23d game on the final day of the season, Oakland closer Billy Koch reacted to Pedro's shutdown, saying, ''I think it's selfish and shows what kind of player he is. You have an obligation to the guys on your team. Everybody knows he flat-out has the best stuff in the game. He should lead by example. Barry goes out and gets the job done. Hands down, he should be the Cy Young.'' "

** Lets play role reversal. Let's say that Oakland was out of the race and Zito was still recovering from a career threatening injury. He has already won 20 games. Do you think he goes out there on the last day of the season and risks getting hurt in a meaningless game? Not a chance. Say for instance, Pedro had made the last start and tore his shoulder apart. All we would hear from guys like Shaughnessy is how stupid the management was for risking injury in a game that meant nothing.

I guess it's just Shaughnessy being Shaughnessy. He hasn't written an article that made sense in years.

Bill Simmons explains his Unintentional Comedy Ratings scale. ESPN Page2 also looks at the 10 worst cancers ever to play in the NBA. Guess which Celtic made the list? Our new Golden Boy evidently sent a letter into ESPN as well.